Heritage and Family Roots Run Deep with Us

Our 5th Generation to Farm story

My husband’s great-great grandfather homesteaded across the road from where we currently live in the early 1900’s.  His great-grandfather purchased the land that we currently live on in 1918.  His grandfather was raised in the old cabin, still partially standing in the bush on our yard site.  His father grew up in the house that we now live in–raising the 6th generation here at Crooked Lake Farm.

Being the 5th generation to farm, we are often asked, “How do we do it?”  That’s not the easiest of questions to answer.  When you grow up farming or ranching, it’s in your blood and it’s what you know.

I go by Jill.  I grew up on a farm in Illinois and later, a ranch in Montana, and was active in 4-H and FFA.  When I was 13, I decided I was going to be a veterinarian when I grew up.  That was my goal even when I entered University.  After the reality of 8 years of school actually hit me, I decided for a lesser term in post-secondary, and obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Range Science. After spending a few years working in Range Management and after the birth of our daughter I decided for a stay at home career–direct marketing our beef and working on the farm. Six years ago, I began my journey into agriculture writing, and am now a freelance agriculture journalist. I am also a homeschool mom.

Now on to a little bit about the others…

Kelly helped out as a youngster on the farm, pitching in whenever he was able to help.  His grandma tells me stories about him on the farm: helping butcher chickens or him taking care of his sheep.  He even about missed his high school graduation because a cow was stuck in the muck near the sewer pump-out and he was the only one around to rescue her!  He went to post-secondary college and university and majored in Agriculture.  He can sit in a tractor, let the auto-steer guidance system work, and not get bored!

The 6th generation our oldest son, our daughter, and our youngest son.  Our oldest son is 15, loves all things farm, is homeschooled, and enjoys helping his dad & papa on projects in the shop.  Our daughter is 9 and is a huge help on the farm for her age.  She enjoys being outside, reading, dancing, and doing anything Mom does. Our youngest son is 4. He tells everyone he is going to be a “baby chick farmer” when he grows up. But until then, he enjoys helping Mom with the chickens, collecting eggs, and tending new chicks every spring. He enjoys playing with trucks, playing farm, and doing preschool with Mom.

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