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Crooked Lake Farm is located southest of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

the Burkhardt family raises Angus-Hereford cross cattle on grassland. The Burkhardt family homesteaded in the area (just up the road, actually) in 1905 from the USA. The farm was purchased in 1918 and has remained in the family ever since. The farm is now under the management and ownership of the fifth generation, Kelly and Jill Burkhardt.

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Kelly and Jill both graduated from Montana State University and obtained degrees in Range Science. They have spent their careers in several different aspects of the agriculture industry, but after working away from the farm for several years, they both decided they wanted to farm full-time. This experience and the desire to produce a quality beef product is the motivation that drives our business.

As a family beef producer, we are committed to producing a safe and wholesome product in a responsible way. We take pride in the animal care, health, and environmental well being.

Our cattle are not given any artificial growth hormones and antibiotics are only given when medically necessary, in consultation with a vet.

We are proud to be a Verified Beef Production Plus Producer.

Know where your beef is coming from. At Crooked Lake Farm, we offer a product that is provincially inspected and locally grown.

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