I think the biggest thing I get asked from people lately isn’t things about farm, but what is going on at the farm. So I’ve decided to do a series called “What’s Up Wednesday’s” where I’ll share the weekly happenings of life at Crooked Lake Farm. That way it will let you, my dear readers know what is going on and it will keep me motivated to blog at least once a week–win-win!!

This past week we finished up calving our 9 winter calving cows. Thank GOD! For those who don’t know me personally, I’ll spare you the details, but winter calving 9 cows this year was shear H-E-L-L thanks to Mother Nature and her sense of humour! No I do not think -30C and -40C for 6 weeks is fun nor is it fun to have cows dropping wet baby calves in. So when the last one calved, I swear I heard angels singing “Hallelujah!” We’re Done!

Tagging and vaccinating calves

And in two weeks the next batch is due to calve…

So in between homeschooling the two kids, and winter calving, winter literally flew by.

Now we are caught up on the farm happenings this winter.

Other than finishing winter calving this past week, I have been keeping busy with dog sitting two foster beagles while their foster parents are away on holidays. These dogs are extremely high anxiety and need lots of attention and I’ve found, exercise. So I’ve been walking 2 miles every day with these guys, which I’m finding after our long, cold winter, is good for me too!

Since the cows are only two weeks away from calving, I’m checking them more frequent, so that occupies some of my day.

Water and mud everywhere

And now that the weather has warmed up, it brings about my least favourite season, mud. Oh and there is so much mud, muddy water, and watery mud. And said mud usually makes it way into my house in one form or another. Yeah!

I’ve also started some seeds this past week, and they seem to be doing good. And we’ve been hauling some of our grain to the seed-cleaning plant to get cleaned (weed seeds and grain seed we don’t want get sorted out). So it looks like seeding is on the horizon…once we get rid of all this water and mud.

Seedling tomatoes for the garden

Until next time…