Fall is such a busy time on the farm, as you may know. We have harvest on top of our regular farm (and parenting) duties. With the addition of our third baby this spring, not only did I not find much time to do day-to-day blogging of the harvest, but I was getting use to “single parenting” our three kids while my husband could devote 100% of himself to the harvest.


All in all we had a good harvest. We had a few breakdowns, which can be expected when you’re operating machinery day-in-day-out. The weather was less than stellar, but our grain dryer really came through for us this year, and kept us rolling on days when most weren’t able to combine. In order for the grain to withstand storage through the winter until it’s time to sell, it needs to be at a certain moisture percentage. Too wet (or tough), and the grain will heat or spoil, and will render it unable to be sold. Also if the crop itself is too wet (either when it’s cut, or standing), it will reek havoc on the combine. Plugging a big machine like that is no fun, as my husband can attest. And I even took my turn in the combine this year for a few hours, so my husband could have a rest (in the “buddy seat” as I’m still intimidated by big expensive machinery).

Winter came early for us and hopefully is just a short bout before fall returns. We still have 2 groups of cows out on pasture and about 100 acres of canola still left to harvest. Fortunately our canola is cut and laying the the swath, so if the snow doesn’t melt, we will be able to harvest it in the spring. Our cows, well, we’re just waiting for the ground to freeze or dry up a bit until we can get a trailer in to load them. In the meantime they have forage and water available to them. I spoil the cows and bring them treats (grain) too.

Here are some photos of the past month and a half:


Canning salsa verde


Combining barley


The combine stopped for supper


Our son (now 11) taking his turn in the combine. Dad sits in the “buddy seat”


Moving & checking cows (yes a month ago we were wearing tank tops & shorts–now winter coats & toques)


Enjoying supper in the field


We had a bounty of an apple harvest, so I canned lots of applesauce too this fall


Baling the last of the hay before the forecasted rains come


Life is tough when you’re mom’s baling helper (he napped the entire time!)


Our harvest baby (oldest son) turned 11 so we always celebrate with cake & pizza in the field


When someone forgot a knife to cut the cake, my husband improvised with the knife in his combine


All the equipment is parked while we enjoy a family Sunday supper in the field


Combining canola


Driving a combine with a baby & trying to take a selfie fail photo 🙂


Unloading canola into the truck


Unloading into the truck


Getting the cows rounded up and ready to head home


Our first snow October 7


The morning of October 9 the weather is not improving


Bringing another group of cows home from pasture