We are having a very busy summer here at the farm, hence why I’m lacking on the blogging.  Just when we got all the cows out to pasture, the weather decided it would be nice to begin haying.  So far, it’s held, and we keep getting lucky (?) and neighbors are asking us to put up hay for them.  Then on top of everything, I decided to get a stand at a Farmer’s Market in Edmonton.

The stand at a Farmer’s Market is an idea I’ve been tossing around lately, to do it, or not to do it.  The pros vs. cons.  Well, after much deliberation and a nudge from a market on Twitter, I decided to dive right in and go for it.  I only committed to one day a month, as I knew summertime is a very busy time for the farm.

We had our first market experience this past Sunday.  It was a WONDERFUL experience; I’m hooked on selling at the Farmer’s Market and secretly wishing I signed up for more dates!

What made it wonderful you may ask?  Getting out and visiting with the clients.  Telling our story about our farm and what we do.  Being an Agvocate and an Agbassador!  (agvocate=advocate for agriculture; agbassador=ambassador for the agriculture industry).

Note: if you would like to visit or purchase Crooked Lake Farm beef, you can find us at Eden’s Market on 124th Street in Edmonton on the first Sunday of every month!