It’s that time of year, Edmonton—polish your boots and put on your jeans—it’s  time for FarmFair and the Canadian Finals Rodeo. For over 40 years, FarmFair has been held at Northlands in Edmonton and is one of Canada’s premier agricultural events.

It is a great place for people to go who are looking to connect with agriculture.

Being able to go to events like FarmFair is important for the agriculture industry. It gives people an opportunity to go and see farm animals close up, in a different atmosphere than a farm. There are people there from the industry ready to visit and answer the questions that people not familiar with farm life or farming may have. With the average Canadian being 2-3 generations removed from the farm, FarmFair gives those people the opportunity to re-connect with their farming roots.

The livestock show and sale, held at the Edmonton EXPO Centre, highlights the best in cattle breeds. Do you know what a Hereford or a Simmental is? At FarmFair, visitors can walk up and down the rows of cattle being shown, interacting directly with the exhibitors. Many of the breed associations also have booths at FarmFair, so feel free to stop in and visit with them too. If you have any questions that you are itching to ask, be sure to stop by the Beef Advocacy booth and ask.


Visitors to FarmFair will have a chance to stop by booths like the Beef Advocacy booth to learn more about cattle.


The Heritage Ranch Rodeo, is another great opportunity to see working cowboys and cowgirls in action. The events at the ranch rodeo are a bit different than what you will see at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Instead of team roping, you will see team doctoring. Team doctoring is a four-person event which shows how animals are doctored out on the range. The Heritage Ranch Rodeo gives people the experience of seeing age old techniques that are still used today on some cattle operations, up close. So pick your favourite team and cheer loud!

Every time I go to FarmFair, I always have to watch the Stock Dog trials. If you have young children, they will also enjoy this event. You get to watch these incredibly smart working stock dogs herd sheep. The focus and energy—two things that normally don’t go together when talking about dogs— is seen when these dogs take commands from their handlers. Listening to a series of whistles, or commands, the stock dogs decipher what they need to be doing and do it. Stock dogs are the heart of many working farms and ranches in Alberta, and a well trained dog is capable of replacing 2-3 people while herding animals!

Finally, not to be missed is the Canadian Finals Rodeo. These hardworking rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, spend rodeo season traveling around, getting points, in hopes they can come to Edmonton and compete at the end of the rodeo season. From the bucking broncos, to fast horses of the timed events, and finally the bulls, the rodeo is another event that is a must see during FarmFair Week.

Without FarmFair, it would be harder for people in Edmonton for people to go and connect with agriculture.

For all of those wanting to re-connect with your farming roots and learn more about the different practices in agriculture, I highly recommend making a trip to FarmFair. You won’t be disappointed!

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