I’m a huge advocate for supporting local whenever possible.  On our farm, we try to raise the majority of our food.  We have a very large garden which allows me to can or freeze it’s bounty.  Besides our beef, we also have a few chickens that provide us with fresh eggs or I purchase them from a farmer’s market when they aren’t laying, and pork and chicken from our local butcher.  Because you can’t buy all your food at a farmer’s market in Alberta, we do weekly visits to our local grocer as well.

In Staffordshire, England, some film students at Staffordshire University became huge advocates for supporting local, as well!  Their project was titled “Farmers on Film” and inspired by Sarah Gayton, a baker from Staffordshire Moorlands and Staffordshire Olympic Co-ordinator for the Women in Food & Farming Union.  Before the Olympics came to London in 2012, 120 students’ researched farming attitude, tourism and identity for the Farmers on Film project, producing 23 three minute profile films on different farms and food producers in Staffordshire. Students also aimed to persuade officials to use the films at Olympic venues and as part of an online marketing drive from Visit Britain to promote the region to foreign and domestic tourists. The videos are linked by QR code onto their corresponding food product, so consumers can scan the code with their smartphones and view the video of the farmer behind the food.

I think this project is something that all local food movements should do!  This would be one way of advertising farmer markets through social media, for example.  The customers could go onto YouTube, click on the corresponding video, and find out more about the farm or farmer they are supporting.  As well as linking a QR code on food packaging with a video of the farm.

These students have created quite a buzz in the local food movement of Staffordshire, and their films have won lots of recognition, including a bronze medal Podium Award at the Olympics. In closing, hats off to the Film students at Staffordshire University!  This is a great way to get bring people onto the farm, and showcase farm life to others!

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