So I have found lately with the kids’ schedules, harvest, my schedule, and the million other things I need to be doing, blogging has taking a back seat, unfortunately. I still like to keep my readers up to date with the progress of harvest, but the past week and half, we encountered more rain which in turn lead to not much going on harvest wise. We have finally hit a few stretches of good weather.

We have been able to get a bit of progress made with the harvest. We finished the field of wheat that we had been working on, finished the Fava Beans, and malt barley. The barley was a bit of a pain because it wasn’t dry when we took it off, so we had to use our grain drier to dry it down to proper storage moisture. We’ve been done over a week with the barley, but still drying it.

Last week our elderly neighbour died, so we took a day off of our harvest to help his nephew with his harvest. He really appreciated the help as he has been plagued with equipment breakdowns this year.

Last week I was also busy baling barley straw for the cow’s bedding this winter. So I spent many hours behind a tractor wheel with my 3 year old daughter. She really enjoys hanging with mom in the tractor, more so than hanging with dad in the combine 🙂


My heifers were happy to see me one day while I was driving by on the road


Yet another photo of the happy heifers


I had just finished “combine training” and my son thought it should be his turn…he’s 10!


Long days in the tractor baling call for “Baling selfies”


Even Barbie gets to hang out in the tractor while we’re baling!


The fall colours were a beautiful backdrop to my baling