We continue to plug away at the wheat.  We only have 30 acres left and the weather is still looking good for today at least!

Yesterday was my first day of yoga for the year (Yes, this farm wife needs to de-stress sometimes!) so most of my morning was spent running around town doing errands.  With the guys busy in the field, I’ve been the sole cow-looker-after person.  Over the weekend I turned our dry herd out into our neighbours acreage to help them “mow” part of it.  The grass must have really been greener on the other side, because when the cows go out there, they were very rambunctious and broke their waterer.  So I had to go and put a portable trough out for them, and we were filling it with the garden hose three to four times a day, which is a lot of work.  So yesterday, I fixed the problem by installing a float for a garden hose onto their trough.  Now as they drink, the trough gets refilled instantly!  My “helper” had a lot of fun splashing in the water while mom was fixing (I’ve included that photo too!).

Here are a few pictures I captured from yesterday, enjoy!

My help while I fixed the trough

Still combining wheat
Straw is chopped from the combine to work into the soil to help build more soil
On my drive home–I think fall is near!