Yesterday started like any ordinary day on the farm.  The guys went off to combine, I continued my quest to bale straw.  It was a warm, beautiful day with a light breeze; perfect weather for harvest.  I finished baling for the day and took supper to the field.  We had a picnic and enjoyed the nice evening weather.  The guys decided to keep working, in hopes to get the barley field they were working on done.  I was waiting for the Little One to finish eating while the Big One went for one last round in the combine, when I saw a big cloud of smoke come from the field.  Our one grain truck had caught fire in the field!  The next hour was a blur as I raced around trying to find water, fire extinguishers, neighbors, something to help get the fire under control until the fire department could arrive.  Fortunately, no one was injured and surprising no crops were lost.
As promised, here are the photos from day 2:

My baling companion
My view from the cab while baling
The baling unit
A perfect night for combining
The truck fire