Well, finally, at last, the time as come!  Another harvest in the books bins.  Last night at 6 pm the last swath of canola went through the combine!  Our harvest is complete.  We are very grateful that the weather held.  We had a few rain showers over the weekend and earlier this week, but nothing significant enough to shut us down.  It might have been slow going with only one combine, but the old saying, “Slow and steady wins the race” really applied.

Yesterday, I worked more on the last of my garden harvest.  I have 24 tomato plants in my garden, and I’m slowly but steadily working on harvesting them, too.  With our frosty mornings, I had to find a different fix for covering them, the small blue tarps were not working anymore.  Fortunately we had an old bale tarp lying around, so that will more than do the job.

This project was fun and now that it’s over it’s bittersweet.  After today, I probably won’t be posting every day.  This got me into the habit of blogging more frequently, though.  I am going to continue with the picture format, as a picture is truly worth a thousand works, but move on to weekly posts as we prep for winter here on the farm.

To everyone who read and viewed our Harvest in Pictures, THANK YOU!  Here are the photos from our final day of harvest, enjoy!

Old Faithful unloading into the truck
The last few swaths going into the combine
Last field harvested
Canola is a very small seed

Last of the canola being augured

Shoving the last of the canola into the bin
Tomatoes harvested from our garden–this is just from 2 plants!