Yesterday we were able to finish our one field of canola.  Only one more field to go!  We had a little storm blow through last night, too.  My father-in-law commented that was the first time he’s ever combined with the windshield wipers on.

We celebrated our son’s birthday with his friends yesterday.  I was a very brave soul according to my father; taking 3 boys ages 6-8 to West Edmonton Mall mini-golfing and then out to pizza.  Everyone was very well behaved and they had a blast.  Today is his actual birthday which we will celebrate with family.  In his honour today I’m posting a few photos of him around the farm and of his golf day.  Enjoy!

Unloading at night
Combining at night
He loves crawling up in the Big Top of the combine
Our “Ag-Proud” future farmer
Birthday boy golfing
Our son’s almost hole in one!