With only one combine, it’s slow going.  Yesterday the guys made good progress on the one field of canola.  They should be done with it today if all goes well, and then it’s just one field left!  

My husband thought I was boring everyone who has been reading the blog with photos of combines, grain trucks, and augers.  Today, I’m showing some behind the scenes shots.  We have the ability here to moisture test our crops, so last night I took a few shots while we were checking the canola moisture.  With canola, we also have to check the percentage of greens or unripe seeds.  This is done by crushing the seeds and counting the number of green seeds.

Also with harvest comes the appropriate Harvest Moon.  Yesterday morning at sunrise the moon was still up and last night the moon was big and bright.  I’ve included some photos of that as well, enjoy!

Moon at sunrise
Moon at night
Weighing the canola to do the moisture test
Taking temperature of canola to do the moisture test

Moisture test–our canola was so dry it wouldn’t read on the test

Getting ready to do the crush test 
Canola crushed and checked for greens.  No greens present!