While many people are celebrating homecoming at their school or alma mater, homecoming here has a slightly different meaning.  Every year I look forward to the day the cows go out to pasture in the early summer and I look forward even more to the day that we go and round them up and bring them home from pasture, a cow homecoming, per say!  A few weeks ago we picked up our first group of cows that we pasture on a Provincial Grazing Reserve an hour west of us. It is an action packed a busy day that starts very early in the morning and usually doesn’t end until early evening.  Because of the busyness of that day I was able to get only one photo.  Yesterday, though, we trailed our dry cow herd home, and since it was a small herd I was able to get some photos and my husband got a short video clip.  Enjoy!

The cows know it’s time to come home, this video clip shows them getting ready to come to the gate:

The only picture I took at take-out on PGR pasture.  Our daughter “moo’d” at all the cows that were loading into trucks while she sat there & watched.
Heading home
Following the quads down the road
Done trailing
A quick ride with dad before the horse gets put away