Now that harvest is over, I thought I am finally able to relax and take my time eating breakfast. Yesterday, though, our neighbor phoned and informed us that we had a cow that died overnight.  Our neighbor was very worked up over the dead cow, and I decided to go calm her down.  We went out to see the old cow, and something didn’t seem quite right; it looked like there was a bit of a struggle when she died.  I called our local Fish and Wildlife office to have an officer come investigate.  It turns out that she was dead prior to the coyotes finding her, and it was probably young coyotes that started feeding on her after she died, which was why I thought she was taken down by a predator.  Our vet came out also to make sure it wasn’t a disease she died of.  After spending a lot of time around this cow yesterday, and getting more request for blog posts (I’ll spare you of pictures on this one, trust me!), I wanted to write a short but sweet eulogy for her.

Eulogy to a Cow

As you lay down and close your eyes 
Forever dreaming of green grass and blue skies.
You were tagged 108 and were a large Simmental.
We didn’t know much about your past. 
We spared you an early ending as a young cow when we
bought you from the auction market.
For many years
We provided you with lots of green grass in the summer, 
Hay in the winter.
In exchange you gave us a calf every year, and for that we are forever grateful to you.
Rest in peace old gal, 
Forever grazing on the green grass under the blue skies.