Well, to say that I’ve been busy is an understatement.  From my last calving post until now, we are 1/3 of the way done calving.  Our first group that calves only has 7 left!  It’s possible that they will be done before the other group even starts.

I’ve broken down the stats of the past 11 days (really? it’s only been 11 days since I’ve blog about calving…time flies when you’re having fun indeed!).  Here’s when the calves showed up and how many on that day:

March: 26th-1, 28th-3, 29th-1, 31st-1

April: 1st-2, 2nd-4, 5th-2, 7th-4, 8th-1, 9th-2, 10th-1, 11th-1, 12th-2

Yes, we’ve have 25 calves in 11 days.  Thankfully everyone, cows and babies, have all been healthy.

So, now for your dose of cuteness…Calves in photos!

Calf just born

Even calves blink when they get their photo taken!