Now I admit, I’m a bit of a purest.  I grew up with home canned vegetables: my grandma canned and my mom canned.  When I got married & had a children I told myself that I too would can.  Then my career got in the way, until my daughter was born and I ditched the whole career thing.  I’m now a professional stay-at-home farm wife and doing what, I feel, and iconic farm wife should do come late summer…home canning.  I started canning a few years ago on my own, the “easy” stuff, salsa and applesauce.  Then last year, my husband bought me a pressure/hot water bath canner combo and the “everything you ever wanted to know about home canning” book, and away I went, canning.  Last year’s adventures brought wonderful jars of carrots, beets (pressure canned & pickled), dill pickles, bread & butter pickles, green beans, peaches, beef & chicken broth, canned chicken, applesauce, apple butter & strawberry rhubarb jam.  This year, I’ve been busy and so far I have pressure canned beets, green beans, peas, peaches, and just finished a wonderful haul of peach jam!  I have lots more scheduled, so stay tuned!

Do you can?  What is your favorite fruit/vegetable to can?  Share some recipes, this farm wife could use some!