Eating food in season brings out the best taste and quality. Raising grass-fed beef takes time. While we take orders year round, our pasture finished beef is available in mid-November. All of our beef is provincially inspected at our local slaughterhouse to ensure high level of consumer safety. Individual cuts are double wrapped in clear shrink, so you can not only see the quality of the meat, but to keep the air out and prevent freezer burn. Please note that our beef price is based on carcass weight. Carcass weight is the weight of the animal before it is cut into roasts, steaks, etc. The take home weight is approx 65-70% of the carcass weight. Different animals are different sizes, the carcass sizes will vary from one animal to another. When ordering a whole, please indicate if you would like a regular (over 450 lbs) or small (under 450 lbs).

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